Prospective patients are often keen to get an idea of how much their VASER procedure will cost and ask us to give them a quote over the telephone unseen. We understand that price is one of the chief factors in helping you make your decision to go ahead with an aesthetic procedure, but the only person who is qualified to give you a quote is our lead practitioner who will be performing the VASER procedure at our central London clinic.

Many VASER clinics price on area, but even though there may be one feature of your body that is bothering you it is important that you are assessed by a practitioner who combines expertise with a keen artistic eye to ensure the most pleasing aesthetic contours are produced.

Also the degree of the problems plays a role. A more complex abdomen may require much more work than a simple buttock procedure, so a careful assessment prior to your treatment will allow the practitioner to make a clear evaluation of what you will need. And you will be able to make the decision to go ahead knowing exactly what you have to pay and that there won’t be any hidden costs down the line or that you will be left disappointed that not enough was done.

After your London VASER consultation with Founder and Clinical Director of Wimpole Aesthetics Dr Joshua Berkowitz you will receive an individual, competitively-priced quote to match your bespoke, tailored procedure.

Our prices are in line with other clinics offering VASER, but you can be secure in the knowledge that you’ll be getting the results you want, not a purely cost-calculated cookie-cutter procedure.

Your price covers the following: any pre-operative assessments required, follow-up consultations if necessary, a state-of-the-art operating theatre staffed with our experienced and highly qualified staff, compression garments and a full aftercare programme that includes as many check-ups post-procedure as you require and an out-of-hours number to call at any time, in case of any concerns.