Vaser FAQs

Am I suitable for VASER Liposelection?

Most men and women find they are suitable for VASER Liposelection in terms of their general health, but a full medical history will be taken and a physical examination will be performed at the consultation to ensure that you are fit and well before undergoing the procedure.

During your London VASER consultation Dr Joshua Berkowitz will also assess whether VASER will fulfil your expectations. VASER can produce a degree of skin tightening, but if you have a great deal of skin laxity then a surgical procedure might be the best option. There are also limits to the amount of fat that can be removed in one procedure.

What areas can VASER Liposelection target?

VASER Liposelection can treat most areas of the body. This includes the chest or breasts, back, stomach, flanks, buttock, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. It can also be used for fine sculpting of the face, around the jawline, under the chin and along the neck.

It is possible to treat multiple areas of the body during one procedure, depending on the extent of fat removal and body reshaping that is deemed necessary. Often it is not advisable to target just one area in isolation, as that could result in an uneven appearance. During the consultation Dr Berkowitz will recommend what he feels is necessary to fulfil your expectations.

What downtime can I expect after a VASER procedure?

VASER is termed minimally invasive, which means only small incisions are made and the ultrasound energy only targets the fat cells, liquefying them so they can be gently removed. This results in far less trauma, bruising and swelling post-procedure. Discomfort is minimal and can usually be managed with painkillers.

As VASER is performed under a local anaesthetic you will be able to leave the clinic the same day although we always advise patients that someone is on hand to take them home and look after them immediately after the procedure. Most of our VASER patients are able to return to work a few days later and resume rigorous exercise and activities a few weeks after that.

Are the results permanent after a VASER procedure?

Once fat cells are removed they can’t ‘grow’ back, so in that respect the results are permanent. However, it is possible for other fat cells to expand so we advise all our London VASER patients to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly so they can maintain and improve on their results.