Vaser Hi-Def

VASER Hi-Def is a variation of VASER Liposelection that has received growing coverage in the media due to the amazing transformations it can deliver.

VASER is an ultrasound-based fat reduction procedure that can be employed to contour the body into a more aesthetically-pleasing shape. VASER Hi-Def is a development of VASER Liposelection that allows a skilled practitioner to sculpt a more athletic and muscular physique. This is shown to great effect on the abdomen where it is possible to produce a much-envied six-pack and pecs on a man or the defined abs and taut waist much desired on a woman.

The important thing to be aware of though, is that VASER Hi-Def is not suitable for everyone. It is much more invasive than VASER and therefore involves a great deal more downtime. Fundamentally, the quality of results are based on the patient’s underlying muscular structure so it is best performed on men and women that are toned and fit, but find it impossible to dedicate the time and commitment necessary to sculpt their body further. The patient also has to commit to a stringent diet and exercise programme post-procedure to ensure they can maintain the results.

Practitioner choice is crucial with VASER Hi-Def; the outcome is totally dependent on how skilled your practitioner is, as it demands an artistic eye to produce optimal results.

During your VASER Hi-Def procedure, your practitioner will make tiny incisions in the treatment area and insert the VASER probe. Ultrasound energy disrupt the fat cells before they are removed with light suction. The aim of the procedure is not to sculpt ‘faux’ muscles out of fat, but instead to reveal and enhance the underlying muscular structure.

VASER Hi-Def is performed under a local anaesthetic with no need for an overnight hospital stay. We give all our London VASER Hi-Def patients comprehensive advice on aftercare and we will closely monitor your progress.