Vaser Liposuction – Chest

Gynaecomastia is a relatively common condition; also known as moobs or man boobs, it is the growth or swelling of the male chest area so that it resembles the female breast. True gynaecomastia, which is a result of overdevelopment of the breast tissue, demands a more complex procedure and may require surgery.

The other form of gynaecomastia, which is sometimes referred to as pseudo gynaecomastia or fatty gynaecomastia, is thought to affect up to 15% of UK men and is the result of the accumulation of fat deposits in the chest area. These can be very difficult to shift with diet and exercise alone and, as the skin stretches, it can cause a pendulous appearance to the male breasts which can be a great source of distress and embarrassment.

For these patients, VASER can be a fantastically effective treatment to reshape the male chest area, producing great results as it both removes fat and tightens the overlying skin.

VASER is termed as minimally invasive as it can be performed under local anaesthetic, causes minimal downtime and comes with less risks and complications. It is possible to just target the fat cells, so there is little trauma to other tissue, such as the nerves, blood vessels or connective fibres, that are often damaged during a liposuction procedure.

Dr Berkowitz makes tiny incisions in the treatment area and he is very skilled at positioning these so they are hidden post-procedure. Then the VASER probe is inserted into the incisions and Dr Berkowitz directs the ultrasound energy into the fat cells which breaks them down before they are extracted with gentle suction. In this way the deposits of fat can be removed, revealing what should be the natural contours of the chest area.

We are also able to offer VASER Hi-Def at our London VASER clinic for those male patients that want a more sculpted, athletic appearance to the chest – click here to learn more.