Vaser Liposuction – Chin

The chin and jowls can be a tricky area to treat, but over time you lose skin tautness and they can be the first area on the face to reveal the ageing process, becoming slack and obscured. Many patients seeking treatment from Dr Joshua Berkowitz are self-conscious of this area and, until the emergence of VASER, it has traditionally been a difficult area to treat.

As well as reducing fat cells, the unique selling point of VASER over surgical or other procedures is that the ultrasound energy achieves a degree of skin tightening which is particularly effective in this area.

The VASER procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. Micro-incisions are made in the target area before the probe is inserted into the tissue and ultrasound energy fired into the different layers of tissue. Fat cells are liquefied so they can be gently removed and the connective tissues are heated meaning they tighten up. Collagen production is also stimulated so over time there will be a continuing improvement.

The head and neck have a network of very important nerves which run along the line of the jaw and underneath the ear, so it is crucial to choose an aesthetic practitioner with great skill and expertise who is knowledgable in facial anatomy to avoid any permanent injury.

Very rarely, there might be some numbness around the mouth and/or jawline, but this should just be temporary and a result of inflammation that will improve as the healing process unfolds.

As VASER is very gentle, with little damage to the tissues, in the hands of a skilled and experienced practitioner such as Dr Joshua Berkowitz the downtime is minimal. This means much less bruising and swelling which is particularly welcome in such a visible area as the chin and jowls. The majority of our London VASER patients find that they can return to work within a couple of days particularly after treatment of such a small area.