Vaser Liposuction – Knees

Excess fat on the legs can accumulate on the knees and this is an area that is also prone to sagging skin, even on men and women who are very slim and toned. Many patients who seek VASER at our busy central London clinic complain that this is an area that they are very self-conscious about and it can often dictate what they feel they can and can’t wear.

However, the knees have always traditionally been a difficult area to treat. Surgically, it is not possible to position scars where they can’t be seen and, as this is an area that is in constant motion, it is very difficult for patients to recover and heal post-procedure which can compromise their results.

Liposuction is also less suitable for treating the knees as it can be difficult to achieve the precise and delicate contouring that you can with VASER.

Under local anaesthetic, Dr Joshua Berkowitz will make a few tiny incisions, which he can carefully position where they will be least noticeable afterwards, and then he inserts the small VASER probe that emits ultrasound energy. This loosens and then liquefies the fat cells so they can be easily removed from the knee area with a small cannula.

As VASER does not require a general anaesthetic you are able to return home the same day, but it is sensible to bring someone with you on the day of treatment as you may need assistance when you leave the clinic and in the initial post-procedure period.

We give all our London VASER patients advice on how best to recover afterwards but because the recovery period is less protracted this is very much an advantage in the knee area. There is significantly less bruising and swelling after a VASER procedure compared to surgical and liposuction options.