Vaser Liposuction – Love Handles Or Flanks

The flanks or sides of the torso are an area that is particularly prone to accumulating fat deposits, producing fatty bulges that are often known as love handles, and these can affect both men and women equally. It is also an area that can be very resistant to diet and exercise and many despair of ever being able to achieve the contours they desire.

VASER Liposuction has emerged as an alternative to traditional liposuction and conventional plastic surgery, because unlike these other procedures it is possible, in the hands of a skilled aesthetic practitioner such as Dr Joshua Berkowitz, to reshape the body.

This is particularly appropriate for treating the flanks or love handles, as the aim of the procedure is always to produce smooth contours, but the male and female physique demand a radically different approach.

However, even if it is just your love handles that are bothering you, it is crucial not to just treat the flanks in isolation to the rest of the body. During your London VASER consultation Dr Berkowitz will advise you on what areas require treatment to produce the results you are hoping for.

To commence your VASER procedure, Dr Joshua Berkowitz will make tiny incisions in the treatment area before inserting the small VASER probe. The ultrasound energy it emits will emulsify and disrupt the fat cells, so they can be removed by gentle suction and allow for a degree of precision to sculpt your curves.

This is all performed under local anaesthetic as VASER Liposelection is a relatively gentle procedure that does not cause as much trauma to the body’s tissues as other fat reduction procedures. This means you can return home the same day and there is far less downtime and associated risks and complications.