Vaser Liposuction – Thighs And Saddlebags

The thighs can be a difficult area to treat but are often key to a shapely figure, particularly for women. Some women find that they can be relatively slim throughout the legs and even through the middle, but their inner and outer thighs are out of the proportion to the rest of their body. This can make them feel self-conscious but also make it difficult to find clothes that fit properly.

However much diet and exercise they do they are unable to correct this disproportion, but instead risk making the thighs stand out more. For these patients, VASER fat reduction and body sculpting can be the ideal solution.

The outer thighs, also referred to as saddlebags, is treated as one area and the inner thighs as another, but you may need both treated to get the best results. The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and the first step is to mark up the area to produce the results desired by the patient. Tiny incisions are made into the treatment area; Dr Joshua Berkowitz always positions these in the least noticeable place possible and often they are completely hidden afterwards.

Then the VASER probe is inserted into the treatment area and ultrasound energy is fired into the tissues. This will liquefy the fat cells, breaking them up as gently as possible, before they are suctioned out with a cannula. VASER is particularly good at targeting fat cells just under the top layer of skin which allows a skilled VASER practitioner such as Dr Berkowitz to carefully sculpt the area, producing smooth, taut contours.

The ultrasound energy also works to tighten the fibrous bands in the skin, which means that over the next couple of months you should see a continual improvement before the final results are revealed.

After surgery, you will be able to return home the same day but it is always advisable to have someone accompany you to and from clinic. You should be able to return to work within a week and resume more rigorous activities over the following few weeks.